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Same-Day/Any-Day Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service in Lennox, CA

Coast Laundry is the South Bay's cleanest, largest, and only “Free Ozone” laundry.

We offer same-day/any-day laundry pickup and delivery service to homes and businesses in and around Lennox, CA. Get laundry done and delivered quickly by DoorDash. Spend more time with your friends and family, and leave the laundry to us as we are open 24/7 to serve you!

Doordash Same Day

Get “Same-Day or Any-Day” laundry pickup and delivery service powered by DoorDash anytime, 24/7.

Ditch the detergent and skip the suds in Lennox. With Coast Laundry’s DoorDash delivery services for laundry, you can finally get out for some fresh air. Visit Lennox Park in the heart of the city. As a matter of fact, you might want to pack a picnic and take the kids. No time to pack a picnic? Then just pick up some tacos or whatever you like from any one of the area’s many restaurants like Lennox Pollo or La Feria—both of which are on Inglewood Avenue. A picnic at the park might get messy but don’t sweat it. We can take care of your laundry same-day, any-day, every week or just when you need it.

Laundry Done In Just Three Simple Steps:

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1. Create an Account Online

Create an account in less than 2 minutes.
Handle all order details online.

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2. Choose Your Pickup & Delivery Dates

Use the service only as often as you need to.  No subscriptions! Plus, we are open 24/7 to serve you.

CP Step 3 Sit Back And Relax

3. Sit Back & Relax

Why do laundry every weekend?
Treat yourself, and do something relaxing instead.

Use promo code OZONE at checkout.



Laundry Service Pricing

*For same-day service, your order must be received at our laundromat by 2PM.
For any-day service, choose any day and time in the future for both pickup and delivery.

We use only Tide detergent.

Questions? Call us at (310) 675-1700.